Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Challenges faced by the elderlys



- The elderly collecting cardboards (recyclable materials) along the roadside. This is very dangerous,as car may knock into her.
- Pushing the push cart on the road (rough pavement) is a challenge as the road is very uneven.
- As elderly grow older, they will not be as strong as before, thus putting so many items on the push cart and pushing it on the road is a challenge.
- The push cart just have a flat base, there isnt anything at the side to prevent the items from falling. If the items were to falling, it is quite a challenge for the elderly to pick up one by one.
- The capacity of the push cart is just so limited, there isnt enough space to put more items on it, thus its a challenge for the elderly to find space to hang or tied the items on the handle of the push cart.
- Most unwanted recyclable materials are on the floor, it is a challenge for the elderly to bend down to pick it up.
- During the process of bending down to pick the recyclable material, the elderly may sprained their back.
- Its quite a challenge for the elderly, as this scene takes place in Singapore, Singapore is a hot and sunny country, the elderly may just suffer from heat stroke.
- If suddenly, there is a heavy downpour, the elderly may not have an umbrella with them. And they will just drench and thus fall sick. But even if the elderly have an umbrella with her, she will have difficulty

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  1. Dayna
    Excellent! You have covered many areas which many pupils are not able to do so.

    Mr Woo P F