Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Elderly Needs

Elderly Needs:

PHYSICAL needs  

There are two elderly.
It takes place in a hospital.
Two elderly women is siting on wheelchairs doing crunches.
There are crunches facilities to help elderly that has weak arms to build up some muscles to be strong.

2 elderly doing some exercise using the facilities in the hospital
It takes place in a hospital
These elderlys are doing some exercises to build muscles and train their body to not be weak but stronger.
There are facilities to assist the elderlys in doing different exercises.

Facilities are there to help elderly to train, to get strong.
Volunteers and nurses caring and helping the elderly
These volunteers and nurses are carrying out their job.
As human grow older, our body tends to get weaker, and we start losing muscle. Thats why the elderly in the picture are doing some exercise.

Does the elderly feel tired doing these exercises?
Lack of volunteers and nurses in assiting these elderly.
I wonder if these elderly feel lonely doing these exercise as they do not have many friends there.



Two elderly women and two butterfly pictured lantern.
It takes place in an old folks home.
Two elderly women colouring the butterfly picture on the handmade paper lantern.
They are many peolple in the background of the picture, they may be volunteers that came to help and guide the elderly in this activity.

There are lanterns because these elderlys are colouring it.
These lanterns that these 2 elderly had coloured may be for charity.
Maybe lantern festival is round the corner and these lantern that the elderlys had coloured maybe for sales and the money goes to a particular charity organisation.

Does the elderlys enjoy colouring the lanterns? Do they find this activity meaningful.
There should be volunteers accompanying these elderly chatting with them while they are colouring, or they will feel lonely.
I wonder if these activity really can help charity, maybe?

2 elderlys with 2 half-way coloured lanterns.
It takes place in an old folks' home

emotional needs

Some elderlys playing games with volunteeries.
It takes place in a old folks' home.
Some elderly playing some simply games that make them very happy, as the objects are colourful,which will also help to make the elderlys happy at the sight of seeing it.
Different games stations to entertain the elderlys.


Elderly carrying out some games.
It takes place in an old folks' home
Elderly doing a certain activity seriously

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Phone i use

I am using Samsung S3.
I love Samsung phone,when i am allowed to change phone,S3 is the latest phone,thus i bought it.
Good features are there is HD camera, 4g, it has a big screen, it is touch screen, it has a smart stay mode, there is a S beam feature that can trade data with other S3 phone.
Bad points are that it will lag.